Trading tips: Berlin

I figured every blog in the world has at least one post apologising “for being so quiet”. Here is mine… *bows head in shame*

I always get so annoyed with myself for neglecting the things I love to do most – one of them being writing of course. Not that I haven’t been writing at all, it’s just that I haven’t really been able to find the time to write here. Writing I have definitely been. Some for very cool projects and publications, others for downright draining clients that make me want to pull out every hair on my head. Don’t worry, I didn’t. 

Moving on. There is actually a point to this post and it’s not about random personal issues with clients. It is, in fact, a post to get some tips from you lucky buggers who have been to BERLIN before. Tell me, tell me all about it!

I’m off in less than 10 days and have some ideas of what I want to keep myself busy with. I’ll be staying with a friend who lives in Charlottenburg, Berlin.

As usual, I’m not keen on the touristy stuff. I’ve stood in enough queues in my life. I’m looking for some gold, people. The real hidden local gems.

Image credit: @unsplash

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