The ‘more appropriate’ way to say bye

As mentioned before, I work with an amazing crew who I continuously bother about teaching me to ‘speak Coloured’. Up until now they have taught me quite a bit even though I think I work on their nerves sometimes, always asking “How do you spell that?”, “What is the origin of that word?”, “Did you totally just make up that word right now?”

As my one colleague left work the other day he quickly corrected me (*too shy to repeat what I said*) by saying (in his slick, cool way):

No, no, no, nooo… When you say bye, you don’t say that…
When someone says bye/cheers, you respond by saying  ‘safe’…. (as in go safely)
I say ‘cheers’, you say ‘safe’.

Well, after a few practice rounds (and I still get corrected every now and then), I think I finally got it.

[Tip: Don’t say it in too much of a happy, high pitched tone of voice – that’s where I went wrong the first few times… ‘Safe’ can be used in the same style that you would use ‘Aweh’ in a relaxed manner – not forgetting that slight nod of the head of course.]


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