Random habits easily picked up in Italy | part I

I’ve always been fascinated with habits. I am typically one of those who read every article there is on habits and I too often try the “21 days to form a new habit” thing – and unfortunately usually fail at that. Except for cutting out sugar in my coffee – that’s the only one I’ve ever succeeded in. *pats herself on the back*

Some habits however need only about a week or month or so to settle in quite comfortably in our lives. I’ve found that this is the case in Italy with a lot of things. So as a warning or maybe simply a random piece of information, here are some food and drink habits I’ve picked up in Italy in the last two months without noticing, until now obviously:

  • Eating fruit after each meal. Most Italians are never satisfied after a meal until they’ve had some fruit. Apart from other fruits, in the past few months I’ve probably eaten round about 206 mandarini.
  • Eating cheese….with everything. And I’m not a cheese-eater, or at least I wasn’t really a cheese eater.
  • Eating cold cuts like Prosciutto Crudo, Salame, Mortadella, Pancetta and Speck among many others any day, every day (this also with cheese of course).

    This fabulous platter is from the Borducan hotel in Sacro Monte, Varese.
  • Drinking water with meals. I never used to drink anything except a glass of wine with meals but here a table without a bottle of still water as well as a bottle of sparkling water is just not complete.
  • Having bread and pasta really often. Tim Noakes would surely have been shunned and exiled if he was Italian and introduced his no carb diet here.
  • Drinking espresso (or any other super strong form of coffee) on the go or as a digestive. One of the strangest things I had to get used to was walking in, ordering my coffee at the bar and downing it like a shot of tequila. It’s all about the caffeine buzz. I could and should actually do a separate post on the coffee thing… Hmm, yes, let’s do that.

I’m sure this list will grow continuously! Part II coming soon. Which habits have you picked up while living in another country? I’d love to hear from you :)



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