Minced hair is never fair

Ever heard someone say that their ‘hair is going to mince’? I was just as confused as you the first time I heard it being used by locals in Cape Town.

Firstly because food and hair could never be a good combo, and secondly because mince is food and hair is, well, hair…How does hair become mince? Well, in Cape Town, quite easily I’m afraid.

In Cape Town, a common phrase used to describe hair that frizzes or goes all bushy when it gets just a little bit too much, unwanted moisture – like rain for example, is ‘minced hair’.

How to use it:


  • “We have to run otherwise my hair is going to mince!”
  • “Shame, look, that poor girl’s hair is all minced.”

Just because I like you, and more importantly, to help you understand this lovely phrase, go ahead and indulge in this most excellent example of ‘minced hair’…


Whether the weather be fine, whether the weather be not, whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot. Well…whether the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not! Like it or not dear Capetonians…winter is upon us and that means RAIN. Prepare yourself.

Note: This image was found through a random Google search for ‘frizzy’ hair. I do not know the person’s identity and purely used the picture to illustrate the content of the post.

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