Muizenberg’s oldest shop

The last man standing, the fittest survivor, the old kid on the block… That is how I would describe Majestic Cafe in Muizenberg – the oldest shop in Muizenberg, established in 1937 and still creating holiday vibes selling fish &Β chips and soft serve like hot cakes. And let’s be honest, nothing feels more like holiday than fish & chips or soft serve at the beach.

Stepping inside creates an instant, somewhat nostalgic emotion as you feel like you are stepping into the 60s when that shy girl from the song wore her itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini for the first time or when the Beach Boys were Surfin’ USA.

The interior is pretty bemang, thanks to old photographs on the walls preserving much of Muizenberg’s history; vintage Coke and beer bottles; old Corn Flakes, Jungle Oats, Royal Baking Powder tins (among many others); and plenty other memorabilia.

The shop was taken over by Jorge de Silva roughly 40 years ago and is now run by his son, Nelson de Silva.




Quit always going to the same places! Go check out this cool old-school spot. It truly is an experience!


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