How HQ restaurant converted me to a steak-lover

I am sure the majority of you reading this have been to HQ restaurant more than once. I, however, experienced this much talked about steakhouse for the first time recently, and the experience has turned me into a steak-lover. True story.


My first thought as the friendly hostess showed us to our table, was “speed dating”. Perhaps because we went on a Tuesday night, aka Date Night… Or perhaps more because of the overall layout of the restaurant with two long rows of tables rather close to each other, but they can obviously rearrange for bigger groups. I must admit, it was a tad awkward sitting so close to the couple next to us; I had to really keep myself from joining in on their conversation as it basically felt like we were sitting at the same table. But, then again, I guess with so many people coming in for dinner (it usually offers two seatings per evening), one has to make a plan to make use of every square inch.

HQ has an awesome Parisian-cum-New York vibe to it (not that I have been, but hey, we’ve all seen some Hollywood movies). The overall look is sophisticated, with high ceilings, red leather seating, mirrored walls, and very cool balloon lighting that creates a warm ambiance.

On to the menu…

For someone like me, too many options on a menu (or life in general) is a problem. I’m too indecisive. But here, problems like that don’t exist – the menu has one option. That’s right, one. It includes a classic salad starter which consists of fresh, crispy lettuce, pine nuts and slithers of parmesan cheese, drizzled with a zesty salad dressing. This is then followed by a tender sirloin steak accompanied by good old fashioned thin-cut fries (or Mc Donald’s chips as I know some of you call it), topped with HQ’s signature Cafe De Paris butter sauce and priced at R175 per person. Date Night is a bargain though as you get two of the above mentioned meals, with two glasses of wine for R200.

HQ has a variety of special evenings like Date Night where it offers live music and different specials – all of them revolving around its simple, yet fantastic menu.

I am a firm believer that if you do what you do best, you’ll be a success. Kudos HQ. You have honestly turned me into a steak-lover.

HQ is situated at 100 Shortmarket street, Cape Town. Opening times are Monday-Thursday from 12pm-12am, and Friday-Saturday from 12pm-1am. For more, go to, email, phone 021 424 6373, or check out the Facebook page.

Original article published on Images via HQ’s Facebook page.


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