Getting Localé

One of the less desirable areas to work in is most certainly Mowbray. Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe every area in Cape Town has its ‘something special’, but when I have to tell people where I’m based, I don’t think twice to say Rosebank rather than Mowbray…. Not that there’s really a difference, it just sounds better. I know, I’m lame.

You may or may not agree with me, but in between the shoddy Mowbray Shoprite and taxis (and their even shoddier drivers), the only good thing up until now was Fat Cactus. And that’s only good for when you feel Mexican… and who feels Mexican every day? What I do feel like every day is coffee. Good coffee. For that to be a reality in my daily routine I’d have to drive to somewhere way off route, which is not something I’m very keen on.

Thanks to a new collaboration between the delightful Starlings Cafe in Kenilworth/Claremont and Baked Bistro in Camps Bay, I am ecstatic to say this is now a problem of the past! There is finally a place with fabulous coffee right in Little Mowbray on my way to work.

Localé is small, quaint and cosy with lovely decor and a homey feeling. Lots of natural sunlight makes for the perfect spot to have your first cup of joe for the day and get your mind ready for the day. I can just imagine how awesome this must be for locals living in this area. How long they must have waited and prayed for a good coffee spot!

Not only does this cute little espresso bar pour wonderful Origin coffee, but  on Thursday and Friday evenings, it turns into a cocktail & pintxos bar. If you don’t know what pintxos are (I didn’t), it’s basically “toothpick food” – almost like tapas. Pintxo [pronounced “peen-cho”] is a Basque word that means a “spike.”  According to my research “Pincho” is how the word is spelled in Spanish, and the “txo” is characteristic of Basque words… Ok, that was unnecessary information, but I find it interesting… so, now you know.

Here are a few snaps from my coffee stop the other morning. PS. The staff here is also very friendly which makes it even better. Please support Localé peeps, I would be so sad if they didn’t stay! Give them a holler on Facebook or Twitter (@).







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