Off to Italy: It’s the final countdown

One of my favourite quotes has always been that Arab proverb “He who lives sees much. He who travels sees more.” And I really do want to see more… thanks to the damned travel bug that, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), cannot be cured or treated with any kind of vaccination.

And so, when the opportunity arrived on my doorstep to leave on a jet-plane to Northern Italy for a few months, I simply couldn’t decline. Who in their right mind would turn down the land of coffee, pizza, pasta, history, and, Italian stallions, of course? ;)

With mixed emotions (but a lot of excitement!), in less than a week I’m off. I’ll be staying in Varese, which is roughly 60km north-west of Milan, in the lake district of Italy – close to the Alps… Maybe you knew that, I didn’t. I had to crank up my geography a bit to be honest.

I’ll hopefully have the opportunity to explore a lot – everything is so easily accessible in Europe after all – and will keep you posted on my journey and the experience of becoming a local in Italy (for those of you who would find it interesting). To help me in this attempt, I am also enrolled in a language school, and-a will-a hopefully speak-a Italiano in no time!

So if you have any Italy-specific requests that you’d like to know more about – be it food, wine, coffee, history, art, architecture, sights or slang, give me a holler. I’ll do my best to find out for you (plus, it’ll help me plan and get me out and about). In the same breath, if you have any tips, advice or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!

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That’s all for now.

Cape Town, ciao for now… Hello Italy!

I’ll have to get cracking on my voice levels and hand gestures…

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