Ciao ancora da Varese!

So, here I am. Back in Italy in the blink of an eye. I must say, I’m pretty chuffed about the fact that I’ll be dodging winter once again. That means the last time I really had a proper winter was in 2014. That’s how I like it! :P

I’m back in the same town as last year, Varese; which is roughly about 60km north-west of Milano. From here, I can see the foothills of the Alps as we’re pretty close to Switzerland. It truly is breathtaking here. I didn’t realise it when I was back in South Africa, but now that I’m here again I definitely sense some love for this chaotic country!

Apart from going for some more Italian lessons (I’ve now progressed to level B1, but still it seems some 4-year-olds speak better Italian than I do), I don’t have much news yet. So instead, here are some pics from my previous time living in Varese so you can get an idea of my daily life here.


Downtown Varese
Downtown Varese on a quiet day. In the summer, this part of town gets quite crowded in the evenings when people like to take their after-dinner strolls.


Sacro Monte chiesa
The church at the top of Sacro Monte.


Aperitivo at the Borducan Hotel on Sacro Monte.


Coffee, coffee, coffee!


Cycling around Lake Varese.


lake varese


This was a food market in downtown Varese. There were food stalls representing almost all of the provinces in Italy. My favourite, obviously, was Sicily.


My bus stop… with an incredible smell of freshly-baked bread every morning.


The view of Lake Varese from the Borducan Hotel’s restaurant.


Sacro Monte
Another view from Sacro Monte – can you spot the Alps?


sacro Monte
I simply love walking around Sacro Monte. It’s such a peaceful, mysterious  little village at the top of the mountain and has such a rich history.


palazzo estense
Palazzo Estense – the municipal building which used to be a real palace. I often go here for a walk in the gardens with a friend.


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