One of my absolute favourite things is the local slang in Cape Town… as you may have noticed in some of myΒ previous posts. And yes, by my standards you will have to familiarise yourself with this manner of speaking if you want to get properly Capetonified. So let me introduce you to another one of my faves: versin [pronounced: fur-sin].

This word is not often used as a positive word, but man… sometimes it is just that perfect descriptive word you are looking for! Use it one when someone is being utterly stupid or crazy eg.

  • Person A: “I’m going to bungy jump at Bloukrans next weekend.” Person B: “Are you versin!? Aren’t you scared of heights?”
  • Person A throws a golf ball at Person B and hits him on the head.Β Person B’s appropriate response: “Hey man! Are you versin!?”

Quick tip: I would advise that you use hand gestures to accompany this word. Think angry Italian…but don’t take it too far…*raises eyebrow*

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