Braving the surf turf: Cape Town

Image via Surf Life Surf School

If you want to be regarded as a true Capetonian, you have to be willing (or at least try) to brave the icy waters around the city and go for a surf. Even though False Bay’s water is considered as ‘warm’ compared to the other side of Table Mountain (eg. Blouberg), it is still pretty darn cold and I don’t care how macho you think you are, you will need a wetsuit! Surfing is just one of those things you have to try at least once or twice – it won’t take more than that to either put you off it completely or get you seriously addicted…and it’s more likely that the latter will happen.

I got a few lessons in 2011 from a mobile surf school (operating in Muizenberg and Big Bay) called Surf Life Surf School which offers very reasonable packages. I can guarantee that by your fourth lesson you will be surfing like it ain’t nobody’s business.

As a bonus, Surf Life also supports two very cool causes, the Hillsong Africa Foundation (local) and the A21 Campaign (international). To find out more, check out Surf Life’s Facebook page, phone 083 622 6993 or email

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