Bra [pronounced: brah] is a word that you will often hear among Capetonians. I know, you’re probably thinking that it’s a pretty common word that’s used universally… Perhaps, but mostly (in Cape Town) ‘bra’ is not always referring to a piece of fabric with cups, straps and underwire. It is, in fact, mostly used as an endearing term for a friend.

It can also mean ‘dude’, ‘man’ or ‘guy’ (which doesn’t necessarily have to be used in an endearing manner) and is derived from the Afrikaans word for ‘brother’ eg.

  • Aweh bra [Hello my friend]!
  • You won’t believe what that bra [man/guy/dude] told me!
  • She ran off with some other bra [man/guy/dude].
  • The bra by the station told me I can go up Table Mountain for mahala on my birthday!

Quick tip: There are also a few variants of this word like bru [pronounced: brew] and boet [pronounced: boot] which can ultimately be used in the same context.

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