Aweh [pronounced: Ah-where] is a common word used in Cape Town for greeting, expressing excitement or agreeing with something. eg.
  • Aweh bra, hoe lykit? [Hello my friend, how are you?];
  • Aweh! I forgot today is payday! [Yes/Cool/Awesome! I forgot today is payday!];
  • Aweh, I want a gatsby too [Yes please, I want a gatsby too].

If you are a new Capetonian, this one might take a while to get used to…and it’s important that you don’t give yourself away by saying it awkwardly or in the wrong context. You can use Aweh in a relaxed manner (it helps if you tilt your head upwards when you say it or giving a slight, subtle nod expressing your relaxedness),Β or you can say it inΒ an excited tone of voice – depending on the context you use it in, as illustrated above.

[Tip: Go observe how the surfers use this one. ;)]

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