LocalizeMe was born out of an interest in the uniqueness of different cultures, cities and communities. It was initially inspired by a love for travelling and a desire to get immersed in new cultures and environments. The LocalizeMe dream has since evolved as it strives to embrace local in all ways: support local, shop local, travel local, eat local, and give local, in an aim to live a simpler, more sustainable life with a low impact on the environment.

In a nutshell, LocalizeMe aims to inspire a simple, sustainable, rich-in-experience life. We believe living with less allows you to live more. We want to have a low impact on the environment around us, but a deep impact on the people around us!

It’s about challenging yourself to learn a new language or dialect. It’s about shopping local, seasonal produce as well as tasting and trying local foods whilst travelling. Experiencing and appreciating local people and their culture. Learning about the history of new places you travel to. Exploring and loving nature. Supporting local businesses, initiatives and charities to give back, uplift communities and, ultimately, to help make the world a better place.

Find us on Twitter & Instagram: @localize_me

How can you contribute?

Since you probably love being a local in your own hood, the culture, the language, the food, nature, sustainability efforts and local charities, we want to hear from you!

1. Drop us a mail at lovelocallivesimple@gmail.com with “CONTRIBUTION” in your subject line.
2. Include some images or other multimedia content (If it’s large files, feel free to use Google Drive or WeTransfer).
3. If you are comfortable sharing your details with the world, include your pic, a short bio and social media links.

*No posts are written with the intent of offending anyone, but simply to explain the colourful and diverse cultures of different cities around the world. Should you be a sensitive soul by feeling offended when reading this blog and, frankly, not understand the purpose behind it, feel free to drop us a mail (or just stop reading the blog).

*All opinions are my own and I’ll always keep them honest and real. If you seem to think otherwise, feel free to drop me a mail.