A21 Campaign – abolishing human trafficking

There are so many local initiatives to get involved in to help make difference and spread the love in our local communities!  This category on Localize Me will focus on all these different initiatives and also let you know how you can get involved in spreading love, life and hope to the downtrodden and forgotten people around us. If you know of any local initiatives, please do let us know.



The A21 team is on the ground in South Africa and committed to abolish injustice throughout the nation. There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history, with an estimated 27 million in bondage across the globe. Men, women, and children are being exploited for manual and sexual labour against their will. It’s the saddest thing, but it doesn’t help to feel overwhelmed and powerless, you can make a difference!


It aims to prevent trafficking through awareness and education. In schools, orphanages, and universities, we have created presentations and curriculum to educate potential victims of trafficking. Young people are equipped with strategies to avoid becoming a victim.

A21 also believes prevention occurs by educating those not necessarily as victims, but as suppliers in the human slave trade. Whether it’s through our street teams or university awareness, churches or community groups, its prevention presentations in nine different countries aim to prevent trafficking through awareness before it begins.


A21 protects those who have been trafficked by building shelters and transition homes. Its restoration facilities are safe places for survivors to feel empowered to live in freedom. It wants to move trafficking survivors past crisis to stabilization, equip them with skills they can use in the future, and assist them with making the next step after leaving the A21 care.


A21 prosecutes traffickers and strengthen the legal response to human trafficking. The campaign provides legal counsel to every victim in its care, and represents them in criminal proceedings.


The A21 campaign partners with local law enforcement, service providers, and community members to meet a comprehensive set of needs for those rescued from bondage. It aims to strengthen every aspect of anti-trafficking efforts so together we can see injustice abolished.


Well there are a few ways. You can:

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