Tiramisu tasting in Treviso


Living in Italy taught me to appreciate quite a few things. Even things I thought I appreciated before, but turned out I never fully did. To name a few: Cheese, coffee, tomatoes, risotto, pasta, cannoli, gelato and, of course, Tiramisu. Never having been a fan of rich desserts, Tiramisu was just never something I fancied. Or thought I […]

The story behind the Waenhuiskrans cave


Squeezed in the back of the car between two car seats, occupied by a toddler and a 3-month-old, off we were to Waenhuiskrans – also known as Arniston – for the weekend. An easy 2-hour drive (depending on traffic and toilet breaks) makes it a cool local spot to explore over a weekend. I say […]

Mastering the snowplough in Chamonix


I know now, love at first sight does exist. It’s called Chamonix. Roughly three hours’ drive from Milan, Chamonix is situated in the Haute-Savoie region of France. It is bordered by Switzerland and Italy and lies below the majestic Aiguilles de Chamonix mountain range which peaks at the top of Mont Blanc (4810m – the highest […]

Ubuntu Cross Border Foundation

Did you know that there are an estimated 153 million children worldwide, ranging from infants to teenagers, that have lost one or both parents (UNICEF). HIV/AIDS has orphaned 17.9 million children, most of them in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia (UNICEF). These stats were quite a shock to my system. That’s why this week’s featured organisation is […]