How to weekend in Berlin the non-touristy way


I love people, I really do. I think I always knew that, but since I started travelling I realised it all the more. Sure, people can be really lame at times, like when they can’t accept each others’ differences. But apart from that, they’re pretty awesome. I love the fact that I have so many different friends […]

#CzechOut Prague for a symphony of architecture, history, pork, and beer

wenceslas square

October is a good time to go to Prague. There is something special about walking around in the streets with the fresh autumn breeze grazing your face, your hands snug in your pockets, and the red- and orange-coloured trees creating an unusual sense of warmness as you pass by. It was quite random that we ended […]

Trading tips: Berlin

Berlin Street Art

I figured every blog in the world has at least one post apologising “for being so quiet”. Here is mine… *bows head in shame* I always get so annoyed with myself for neglecting the things I love to do most – one of them being writing of course. Not that I haven’t been writing at all, […]

Tiramisu tasting in Treviso


Living in Italy taught me to appreciate quite a few things. Even things I thought I appreciated before, but turned out I never fully did. To name a few: Cheese, coffee, tomatoes, risotto, pasta, cannoli, gelato and, of course, Tiramisu. Never having been a fan of rich desserts, Tiramisu was just never something I fancied. Or thought I […]

The story behind the Waenhuiskrans cave


Squeezed in the back of the car between two car seats, occupied by a toddler and a 3-month-old, off we were to Waenhuiskrans – also known as Arniston – for the weekend. An easy 2-hour drive (depending on traffic and toilet breaks) makes it a cool local spot to explore over a weekend. I say […]

Mastering the snowplough in Chamonix


I know now, love at first sight does exist. It’s called Chamonix. Roughly three hours’ drive from Milan, Chamonix is situated in the Haute-Savoie region of France. It is bordered by Switzerland and Italy and lies below the majestic Aiguilles de Chamonix mountain range which peaks at the top of Mont Blanc (4810m – the highest […]